Eva Adorján

artist, art therapist

+ 36 30 738 7867


about me

Being an artist means to become a master of life to me. Thus my activities are rather various, while all are connected to and interacting with each other.

During the university of art, i also attended healthcare studies and self-studied psychology and nutrition. Meanwhile, longer journeys expanded my horizon, including the power of community and a more natural way of life. The experience of the empowering and healing power of a community was further deepened by the art therapist training of the Hungarian Art- and Sociotherapy Association, while my environmental awareness also increased. I’ve gathered my latest experiences as an art teacher and art therapist, working with children of different ages.

I am impressed by the fact that everything is reflected in everything: body in soul, soul in body, man in its environment… in all things there is a message that leads to wholeness, while art is a good tool to find deeper meaning beyond understandable.

In my work, my most important “tools” are acceptance, trust and respect, be it therapy, teaching or creation.

my recipe book

I’ve dedicated my book to make sustainable and healthy living more attractive and accessible. With my recipes, i’d like to show that responsibility is truly enjoyable and simple. Besides, I wanted to create a visually satisfying book.
The book is currently only available in Hungarian. Feel free to contact me if you want to help publishing it in other languages!

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