fine art

Dear visitor, imagine walking in an art gallery! After entering here, visit the rooms by clicking the pictures. Take your time exploring my newest botanically dyed pictures, artist’s books and graphic prints, and find stuff like pebbles, veggies and a tree trunk… if you’re not in a hurry, maybe even treasure.

textile & slow fashion

Welcome to nature’s studio! I’m glad to work with natural dyes and fabrics, which lets me strenghten my connection to mother earth day by day. I’m working with self collected dyestuff except for the natural indigo pigment, and the use of plants that grow around me calls me to play intuitively every time.
I’m creating the patterns with traditional Japanese techniques called shibori, folding, tyeing, pressing, and sewing the textiles before dyeing. After the often slow process, It’s always a sursprise to unfold the bandages. Just like the unpredictability of colors, this calls for a kind of humility.
Protecting he planet and ourselves, I’m only using gentle materials and techniques. My 100% plant based canvases are coming from GOTS certified organic resources and are sometimes upcycled.