sumac, iron, organic cotton

sumac, iron, organic cotton

SHADES scarf

Naturally dyed soft organic cotton scarf. GOTS certified thin canvas.

Available sizes:

• 150 x 120 cm – 59 €

• 150 x 80 cm – 43 €

• 100 x 100 cm – 38 €

Available patterns:
• diagonal shades
• horizontal shades

Hand wash with natural detergent.

Despite the thorough finishing, dye can still leave the fabric, coloring the water during the first few washings. This is a natural process and will stop soon, such as the shredding of 1-1 strands. Cut the shredded threads with scissors or pull them out carefully.

The prize contains Hungarian taxes, costs of delivery and packaging is additional.


diagonal shades

horizontal shades

diagonal shades